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Are Westies Affectionate? How Do Westies Show Affection?

Are Westies affectionate? How do Westies show affection? Many individuals have pets for company, for the affection they show and to make them feel loved.  So how do you tell if a Westie is showing you affection? And how do you make a Westie affectionate?

Westies are a breed that need a lot of attention, and when you provide it, they show their affection back. Westies may show their affection as tiny licks or by following you everywhere. 

how do westies show affection

In this article, we’ll show you how Westie’s show affection, the small signs your Westie is being affectionate and why Westies are great companions and family pets.

What does a Westie Showing Affection Look Like?

As with most other breeds, Westies show their affection through their body language since they can not physically talk to communicate with us. Other than their tiny bark that they may use to get your attention, anything verbal is limited completely. Westies are a strong breed that love having attention from their owner. Once you gain your Westie’s trust and love, they will constantly be your shadow. 

A Westie will use wanting to be close to you and will snuggle up to you as a way of showing their affection. Your Westie might climb up next to you on the couch, in your lap, in bed, or anywhere you are. They will be your family member just as you are theirs. 

Affection Break Down

When you break down the word affection, what does it mean for you? Affection is typically when someone is showing their appreciation, love, or how they feel about you. Affection can be shown through physical actions or through emotional actions that ensure another person knows how they feel.  

When you show an animal your care and affection, they will return it in their way.

Typically, they may do things such as; 

  • Tiny Licks, which could be called kisses
  • Following you around everywhere you go
  • Snuggling with you any chance they get
  • Wanting to play with you
  • Attempting to protect you
  • Staring at you 
  • Happy dances, as many dogs do when they are excited and feel appreciated

Westies also show affection through excitement as they may demonstrate they are happy and grateful through jumping or trying to play. A Westie may also lick you, which is a dog’s form of communication as our significant others may show us appreciation in that form of kisses.

Every animal is different, so they may not do exactly what is listed here in this article. This article will be a close outline to what most Westies do to show their affection to owners.

This is my experience with my sweet Westie to show you how amazing it is. Your Westie could have his or her own personality that radiates through different actions that someone else may not consider a normal behavior but is still healthy. 


Our Westies enjoy snuggling with its owner as a form of showing their affection. They are some of the cuddliest breed of dogs who enjoy just touching their owners as often as they can. When a Westie appreciates and is thankful for their owner, they will show affection by wanting to have you constantly loving on them and holding them close. 

Snuggling can be a way for animals to show their love, just as it is for the Westie community. 

Wanting to Play

Most Westies are very independent dogs, but this doesn’t mean that they also do not want to be catered to. Westies love showing a form of affection through their love to play. My Westies want you to be the center of their world and vice versa. They could try to play with you and bring their favorite toys to you as an act of their affection, just like my Westie. 

Attempting to Protect You

When a Westie respects their owner and wants to show their affection, many of them do it through protecting their owners. They will want to protect you, whether it be just something small and not wanting anyone else to love you in front of them. All the way to if someone is attempting to hurt you, they will try to ward off the bad energy or person. This is a form of them showing they care and their affection, just like a human would protect someone they care and have affection for.

My Westies will try to protect me by standing in front of me and barking to try to keep someone away from me. They may also try to keep someone away if they are jealous and want to keep you for themselves. 

Staring At You

Staring at you is another way that Westies try to show their affection; many people may not realize this.

As Westies can speak human-language, they communicate feelings through their body language and eyes. When a Westie is staring at you, it is their form of trying to get your attention.

The act of staring at you and following you around is their tiny way of showing affection silently.  

My Westies love to just sit and stare at us, typically waiting for me to initiate pets, play time or a walk. 

Happy Dances

The happy dance can have many versions, such as your Westie bouncing around happily, running in circles or jumping up and down.

When it comes to the happy dance, the Westie is trying to communicate their happiness to you through their body language. 


If your Westie is anything like ours you just might encounter the many ways they show affection. My Westies ways of showing affection are the absolute cutest and I am sure you will think so too when you own one. 

Watching our Westie want to snuggle, play, dance, give kisses and more never gets boring! It can be the highlight of our day walking in and being encountered by the overflow of puppy affection. 

I never have to worry about a shortage of affection in my home when I have a Westie running around. They are an endless supply and will make any home radiate a little brighter. 

Wrapping Up

If you are looking to find a best friend that will never let you down or leave you, a Westie can be your companion for life. Owning a Westie can give you everything that you crave in life, just without the verbal communication. A Westie is going to ensure that you know they love you through their short lifespan compared to our lifespan. Their affection will be shown through multiple avenues. 

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