A Guide For Loving Owners of West Highland Terriers

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West Highland Terriers, affectionately known as Westies, are feisty, loveable, small dogs with heaps of personality. They have their quirks – they like to bark and always want to be in charge. But, given the right training and care, they are the most adorable, playful companions and family dogs.

We’ve put this, ever-growing, guide together to help all Westie Owners enjoy an awesome, loving time with their Westie Bestie.


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I’m Tasha and this website is dedicated to me. I have two wonderful pet parents who want to give me the very best care possible.

I try to communicate what I want and what I need. But, every so often, they need a bit of help.

This website is about what we’ve learned, what we love and what we’d love every other Westie owner to know too!

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